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Next up in our exploration of Reebok Classic Subcultures is East London’s Upcoming Creatives. Although astronomically expensive, London has consistently ranked among the world’s most influential cities in terms of fashion, music, art and culture at large. Renowned for its diversity, East London has undergone yet another quiet revolution, bursting to the seams with creative minds, trendsetters and young entrepreneurs. As a result, the market is as competitive as ever, forcing all who call East London home to come up with new, unique ways to find their own voice in the bustling neighborhood. From this necessity, a new wave of creatives has arisen, taking the opportunity to build up their own businesses from scratch and, in the process, becoming the influencers of tomorrow.

Investigating this rising scene, we set our cultural microscope on studio owners Dora Miller and Billie Turnbull, model and actress Django Chan-Reeves, model and casting agent Rae Elliman, filmmaker Mollie Mills, and Mushpit co-founder Charlotte Roberts. Starting their own ventures at a young age, the group has already had a far-reaching and impactful effect on youth culture. Among many other things, the group’s members have been involved in Dr. Martens ads, A$AP Rocky videos, boutique lookbooks and much more.

Meet the crew above and stay tuned for more installments in Reebok Classic Subcultures.

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