Where form meets function

With dozens of iPhone 6 concepts floating around the web, TechCrunch has taken it upon themselves to round up the best and most interesting designs thus far. Although no specifics are known yet, it’s practically guaranteed we’ll see a larger iPhone with a slimmer design, a la a shrunken iPad mini. There’s even now a video from 9to5Mac which uses physical mockups of gray and gold designs of the supposed iPhone 6, built around specs reportedly received by case manufacturers with access to Apple’s upstream supply chain.

Another submission comes in the form of Martin Hajek’s Nano-like creation. The design takes cues from the Sony Xperia Z2 and while it looks like a solid standalone product, it doesn’t carry the signature Apple aesthetic and therefore will most likely not end up being what Apple delivers come September.

Heading into the land of wishful thinking, a dual-screen iPhone 6 concept shows what an iPhone with a screen on both the front and back might look like, packaged with a 4K resolution display. Extremely unlikely, the dual screen reveals itself via a slide out back panel.

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