As the week comes to an end, we take a look back at all of the editorials produced for our first-ever themed week. When coming up with ideas for the first of what will be many, we wanted to touch upon a subject that was both universal and endlessly fascinating. As our readership spans the globe, the subject our search ultimately led us to was denim.

Beginning with a closer examination of Japan’s expertise in denim manufacturing, we followed up our introductory piece with a recommendation of 20 exceptional pairs of jeans. Like most clothing, denim is not created equally, hence our editorial featuring five iconic jeans. Scouring the Earth, we rounded up 15 of the world’s best stores before dropping our denim on denim on denim lookbook.

Now that our denim obsession was officially piqued, we dropped by the one-man operation Domino New York to learn how a pair of jeans is made from start to finish. Finishing up Denim Week, we compiled a comprehensive A – Z Denim Glossary featuring some of both the most well-known and obscure terms in the denim universe.

Check out all of Denim Week here.

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