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Everyone knows there’s a special place in hell reserved for bike thieves. And, with more than 1.5 million thefts occurring every year in the U.S., it’s getting pretty crowded down there. But now a group of former Boeing and Jawbone engineers have put their heads together to found Velo Labs, and have come up with a bike lock so clever it could out-fox even the craftiest of cycle kleptomaniacs.

In addition to its reinforced U-lock design that unlocks wirelessly, the Skylock is touch-sensitive and will register whenever it is held for a prolonged period of time, sending a message to your smartphone to alert you of potential criminal activity. It also contains an internal accelerometer that is able to sync with your smartphone and determine if a crash has occurred, alerting the emergency services if you do not respond to a message on your phone in a certain space of time. What’s more, all the technology is completely solar powered! If that sounds like the stuff of your two-wheeled dreams, you can pre-order one now at a discounted rate via the website.

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