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We present the latest entry in our ongoing Highsnobiety Visits series, where we take you inside influential spaces across the globe.

Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Devin Carlson and I am the Creative Director for Chapter. Chapter is rooted in simplicity, modernism and function. That being said we start our process (regardless of the design discipline we are currently working on) by stripping our idea down to the most honest version of itself and then add from there.

Describe the general atmosphere of your studio.

There is a constant feeling of positive progression and momentum.  Along with this, every aspect of our studio has been well planned. There is nothing here by accident; everything we add or take away is for a subconscious or conscious benefit to the team.

What do you feel is the most important aspect of your studio?

Our workspace environment enables us to have open communication and be constantly progressing with openness to new ideas. This openness to thought creates the most progressive execution of creativity.

Any prized pieces of furniture or art?

We have an appreciation for the outward simplicity and attention to detail that goes into chair design. There are a few Eames pieces at the studio that have incredible lines. We also have a custom wood-fired pizza oven we built and use for private pizza tastings. In addition, we just finished for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 season our Chapter X Stephen Kenn furniture collaboration – a new category for Chapter all in its own, as this is the first time any of us have worked with the actual design of furniture.

How do you manage your storage requirements?

Three recycled, black shipping containers allow for additional space to utilize for storage and creative projects.

Talk about the location of your studio and how that impacts your overall lifestyle.

Everyone on our team calls Southern California home so in being here it gives everyone a sense of calm. The larger picture is that our location and the space we are able to have gives us the ability to have a creative environment that we are able to mold as we see fit. Our workspace enables the flow of good communication and encourages ideas that have impact beyond the physical location.

Tell us about your favorite piece of furniture or equipment in your space.

The best part about our workspace is simply having space. Our makeshift photo studio is great and allows us to constantly be shooting and experimenting with new ideas.

Is there anything specific you do to keep your workspace inspiring?

We try and constantly keep things changing. As long as time allows we always let the team cover new findings that are in-line with our current inspiration, as we love to give our customers insight on what keeps us progressing. My personal office is in a constant state of change, I like to keep as many design samples hung as humanly possible. I keep a constant rotation of magazines, images and music flowing throughout. I also keep color to a minimum, as you would assume.

How do your tastes differ in terms of aesthetics between your work space and living space?

They are extremely similar in their use of materials; concrete floors, natural fibers for working surfaces, and simplistic mid-century furniture that flows with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The differences only come from a functionality standpoint of home and office.

If you could add something new or change one thing about your space what would you do?

I would have the workspace move to a different city every six months.

Do you find scent an important aspect of a home?

Absolutely, Santa Maria Novella – we found this on one of our trips to Japan.

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