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Founded in 1851 as an apothecary in New York’s East Village, Kiehl’s has been keeping men’s skin healthy with time-tested and natural solutions. But now, Kiehl’s goes beyond its usual formulas and turns to space-age technology in its fight against oily skin: The newly-launched “Oil Eliminator” regimen of face wash, toner and “anti-shine” moisturizer utilize Aerolite, an extremely lightweight and porous ingredient that’s used as insulating material in space — most recently in NASA’s 1997 Mars Exploration Rover.

Aerolite is 99.98% air by volume and absorbs more than four times its weight in oil. Its application in cosmetics comes after substantial research by the Kiehl’s skincare lab to develop products that disperse both oil and sweat away from the skin. To help showcase the new Oil Eliminator regimen, Kiehl’s invited us to Cape Canaveral, Florida, where we were given an exclusive tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as well as demonstrations on Aerolite — and we were impressed to say the least. See why in our gallery above and shop the Oil Eliminator products here.

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Jeff Carvalho is Managing Director for Highsnobiety N.A. in New York City. He holds a journalism degree from Northeastern University.

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