This week’s 5 Tumblrs is a real banger. We mixed it up with some skateboard stuff, a blog by a girl with killer style and some that feature some all-around outstanding imagery. These are some real winners that definitely warrant a click on that follow button, so be sure to do so!


Blood of the Young Zine

I was put on to this by a photographer friend, Brian Merriam, and it’s been one of my faves ever since. Great skateboarding and other good stuff!


Nick Drake

Nick Drake has a real penchant for posting some amazing photos of music and film icons from yesteryear to present day.


Stephanie Hoff

This girl kills it with her style. If you’re looking for inspiration for your ladies, or heck, even yourself, be sure to check Steph’s blog.



I have been subscribing to the Moodmail newsletter for a few years now and I’ve always loved the images that get compiled and put into those things. Incredible range of photos and I am very stoked to see that there’s a Tumblr for it, too!


Chris Amat

I had an opportunity this year to hang out in Alberta with this photography crew called The Great North Collective. Chris here is part of the team. He kills it with his Alberta, Canada and travel imagery.

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