Sennheiser and Spotify take us through the life of “sound sculptor” Nik Nowak, a Berlin-based artist who builds extremely out-of-the-box and futuristic sound systems with unexpected materials. Part of Sennheiser and Spotify’s MOMENTUM campaign, Nowak is one of the 100 artists to be filmed for their YouTube channel that features innovative and creative people with “their own unique MOMENTUM” to move forward.

Nowak has exhibited his works all around the world, and is most known for his Sound Tank, a massive sound system made from a reconfigured mini dump truck. Now, he’s working on the Echo, an all-black machine resembling Batman’s Batpod made of ground drones. Watch below to see where Nowak gets his inspiration and motivation to do what he does, which is creating a whole new genre of art form. Press play and head here to learn more.


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