Where form meets function
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This gorgeous studio was designed for Spanish painter Eduardo Arranz-Bravo by Garcés – De Seta – Bonet with a sole activity in mind: creation, “an introspective and solitary experience.” The plot of land is sloping, with an abundance of trees on the northern face of Tibidabo mountain. The small building has the largest and emptiest painting studio possible, a result of the meeting between the prismatic volume and the land, a workshop for sculpture, and a store for the painter’s own work. The interior is a fluid and multiple concrete cavity, a direct result of the monolithic structural construction concept. The studio receives light primarily from a large skylight in the meeting point of the four sloping roofs. A staircase, positioned unobtrusively to one side so as not to break the unity of the studio, leads to the lower floor. The rear space closest to the retaining walls is designed for storing works of art and the front area—which is a sculpture workshop—opens fully onto an outer work terrace offering views of the dense greenery that distinguishes the place.

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