Obsession can do odd things to people. For some, it drives them to the brink of madness, but for others, it can lead to a state of higher focus and creativity. The latter is certainly true of the founders of Another Shirt Please, a label started by three friends with a healthy obsession for shirting. Oskar Ödling, Carl Bergerus and Anders Lidborg all hail from Sweden and have been friends ever since they can remember, even working together for fashion power-house ACNE.

Since the inception of the label in 2011, the meticulous attention to detail in their clothing is clear to see. Never ones to stand still, the Another Shirt Please boys continue to look at new and interesting materials and experiment with color, texture and print in their search for the perfect shirt. We sat down with Ödling and Bergerus to discuss inspiration, Sweden and, of course, shirts. 


Why did you choose to focus on shirts?

Ödling: We had trouble finding shirts that we really liked especially when it came to the fabrics. It felt like most brands out there just made shirts to fill out their collections, focusing on other stuff like shoes, tailoring and jeans. So, we had to make that shirt that got the respect it deserved ourselves. We also love shirts, so it came very natural in a way. 

Where does the inspiration come from with regards to cuts, materials and features? 

Bergerus: One of the first things we said when we started ASP was that we would never compromise when it came to fabrics and manufacturing. We always do shirts that we, ourselves, will wear with pride. At the moment, we have three styles and each style is the perfect fit for each one of us.

Inspiration for fabrics, colors and patterns come from people and friends we see or meet in our daily lives. We also look at what people are wearing on the street and in the movies amongst other things. Daily life is our inspiration! We work closely with our pattern maker and are always trying to find shirts that we feel are missing in our own wardrobes. 

We never really make up our minds before we sit down with all the fabrics we source from our favorite mills. We put everything on the floor, put on some great music and just let it happen. 


Summer seems like a time when your collections become a little more playful and vibrant. Do you prefer designing summer or winter collections?

Ö: That’s correct and in a way it’s very Scandinavian. When spring finally arrives we crawl out of our dark caves and want to show off a bit. Designing the different seasons is equally fun. Summer fabrics are more easy breezy but for autumn we love brushed, soft and heavier fabrics. The colors tend to match the mentality; dark and sad for winter and bright and smiley for summer. This reflects how people are up here in Sweden.  

For the first time, this season sees a move into printed details with the camo pocket featuring on a couple of your 201 shirts. What was the inspiration for this?

Ö: Basically seeing every other brand work with all-over camo prints over the years, we chose to do it differently. The camo print itself is from a picture we took together with Marcus Palmqvist, who we always work with for our photo shoots. We wanted to keep things very smart and chose to print it over the front pocket as a nice detail.


You have just moved to a new store. How was the move and are you enjoying working in a new space?

B: That’s correct. We had the opportunity to open a small pop-up shop in the same location as our friends — Swedish bag company Sandqvist — in the Soho area of Stockholm. It’s been great fun! We love working on the floor and meeting our customers face to face.

You used to work at ACNE. How do they feel about ASP? Are they supportive of what you do? 

B: All three of us are former employees of ACNE. We still have friends there who are supportive but we don’t really have any communication with ACNE as a company.


What are the plans for the future for ASP?

Ö: Besides adding new products to the ASP collection, we’ve collaborated with two of our favorite Japanese stores, 1LDK and NestRobe to create new shirts. They will be released later this summer in a limited edition. Other than that we have some interesting things in the pipeline but we can’t say anything yet. Stay put!


Finally, what is your favorite shirt of the season? 

B: I would have to say the 201 Pling as I love the soft linen and bold marl pattern. But I also like the 201 Camo Print shirt too. 

Written by Charlie Haywood for Selectism.com

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