Where the runway meets the street

Nowadays, every man and his dog wants to start his own streetwear brand. A lot of the time, the dog is the only one who ends up wearing it. Across the world there are warehouses, garages, attics, spare rooms, grandparents’ backyards and roadside rubbish dumps full of clothing that seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the cold light of day should never have made it past that last hit on the bong…

If there’s anyone out there who knows what it takes to sidestep the trash heap, it’s Bobby Hundreds. As someone who can very plausibly lay claim to the title of “hardest working man in streetwear,” he’s overcome enough obstacles to earn a place on the Olympic hurdling squad, all while dispensing daily tidbits of wisdom via The Hundreds blog. Now he’s decided to collate some of what he’s learned over the years into 10 core commandments, essential for anyone looking to follow a similar path. As you’d expect, he doesn’t pull any punches, but with as much experience in the game as he’s earned you’d better believe he knows what he’s talking about.

Here’s the rundown of Bobby’s 10 tips.

1. Put up or shut up.
2. The best selfie is an “otherie”.
3. Jae’s rule.
4. Stay hungry, not thirsty.
5. Be the best at being You.
6. Have heart.
7. Kill ’em all.
8. Don’t listen to the feedback.
9. Forever young.
10. Have fun.

Read more about what he has to say about each one here.

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