As the calendar month changes to June, the impending summer heat waves begin its entrance into our beloved cities. ‘Tis the season of sockless footwear, aka time to come to peace with storing away your beautifully worn-in boots. But finding the perfect shoe for this occasion can be quite troublesome. Instead of opting for toe shoes, take from our list of the best slip-ons for Spring 2014, from casual to formal and luxury to affordable. All below.

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Hydrogen-1 Neptunium Suede Slip-On

This blue suede slip-on is reminiscent of those beautiful ocean waves on relaxing weekends we all deserve at the beach. The contrast between the blue suede upper and gum sole allows this shoe to be a prominent accent in any summer outfit. ($305)  


Maison Martin Margiela Leather Slip-On

Aside from its very popular laced sneakers, Maison Martin Margiela does offer slip-on sneakers. Unlike its athletic-focused counterparts, this particular slip-on creates a refined look by sporting a polished black upper. If its sleek design has not yet persuaded you, remember that black shoes pair with everything. Also available in gray and pink. ($550)


Rivieras Leisure Sultan Red

Whether your style is trendy or timeless, Rivieras has got you covered. Presenting a seemingly endless selection of colors, patterns, and styles, there is a shoe for almost every occasion and individual, including this poppy red one with stitched soles. ($102)


Bottega Venetta Trefle Intrecciato Slip-On

Showcasing its signature woven technique, Bottega Venetta offers an ivory slip-on shoe reminiscent of the classic checkered Vans. The stitched sneaker features an off-white colored sole in addition to the iconic butterfly detailing on the heel. Available at Barneys. ($560)


Soulland Jarl Brogue Loafer

Polka dots are here to stay. Combatting plain alternatives, this brogue loafer’s all-over print upper and multicolored sole create an eye-catching look. Good for dressing up or down. ($382)


SWIMS Teal/Camo Lace-Up Loafer

Norwegian footwear company SWIMS introduce a versatile loafer that boasts the importance of both fashion and function. Our personal favorite, the teal Lace-Up Loafer, features a rubber outsole and a mesh lining perfect for boating excursions. But most importantly, the outsole is an interesting camouflage pattern — a subtle detail that earns it a spot on our list. ($159)  


Tom Ford Tiger Velvet Jacquard Slipper

Jacquard, velvet, crocodile, and tiger — four words not commonly associated, yet are all characteristics of Tom Ford’s tassel slipper. Albeit an unusual pairing, the crocodile leather tassels are appropriately executed with the jacquard/velvet, tiger-patterned upper. This evening shoe works well for those looking to explore options outside traditional black velvet slippers for formal occasions. ($6,520)  


Del Toro White Nappa Leather Slip-On

This coke white offering from Del Toro is a mix between a loafer and a causal slip-on sneaker. This all-white goodie is the ideal choice for warm weather. ($325)  


Common Projects Suede Slip-On

Common Projects Spring/Summer 2014 includes this classic slip-on with a bit of a twist. A red suede upper sits atop a rubber-cleated sole, thereby making this the perfect option for casual outings. And of course, CP’s iconic gold printed numbers can be found on the back end of the sneaker. ($292)


Galet Sharks & Rackets

Handmade in Paris, Galet slip-ons show a great deal of attention to detail and craftsmanship. The choice above features a 100% canvas upper in a playful pattern of sharks and rackets. We don’t quite get the connection between those two things but that’s okay. ($375)

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