Where form meets function

With smartphones changing the way we take, edit and share photos on an almost daily basis, it’s nice to see that physical cameras can still throw up something new. The three-man team behind OTTO wanted to create a digital camera that was as versatile as the person operating it, but also incredibly simple to use. So, using the open-source Raspberry Pi platform, they created a prototype that syncs with a smartphone app to allow users to take photos in all kinds of ways – from creating GIFs, to time-lapse shots, to adding crazy visual distortions. What’s more, because it’s built using Raspberry Pi, the camera is completely hackable, allowing users to program it to shoot in entirely new ways. These hacks can then be shared, effectively allowing you to download a whole new type of camera with each one.

The creative possibilities are vast and we haven’t even gotten into what you can do if you attach their Arduino-powered FlashyFlash device. For a full rundown of what this clever little box can offer, head over to their Kickstarter page. They’ve already smashed their fundraising target, but you can still get your hands on one of the first units when they ship in late 2014.

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