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We recently put our heads together to create a bucket list-esque manifesto for those looking to light a proverbial fire underneath a butt that sits in a chair, of a body that hunches in front of the computer for way too many hours out of the day. Additionally, it’s a reminder that life is short, and days should be filled with as many memorable activities as possible. This is 100 things everyone should attempt to do before they kick the bucket.


1. Grow a full beard or mustache (Movember doesn’t count).

2. Buy a piece of clothing that makes you feel 10 years older than you are, and keep it for 10 years.

3. Own a set of exceptionally comfortable bedsheets.

4. Dress to fly.

5. Complement a complete stranger on their sense of style.

6. Line up for something you can’t miss out on – be it sneakers, a concert, or the latest iPhone.

7. Own an initialed, bespoke suitcase or trunk from a heritage luggage brand.

8. Own an outlandish item of clothing and make it your signature piece.

9. Completely shave your head and/or grow your hair long at least once in your life.

10. Go full porn star down there.

11. Buy a tailor made suit.

12. Own a watch you want to pass down to your son.

13. Give away 100 pairs of shoes.

14. Buy someone an engagement ring.

15. Wear an away jersey in a hostile, home section crowd.

16. Ask a grandparent what they wore when they were your age.



17. Find something of yours that you really love, then give it away.

18. Get jiggy in a public space and don’t stop for anything less than the police.

19. Own something incredibly rare.

20. Hire a professional photographer to take your picture.

21. Ask a beautiful stranger in the street out on a date.

22. Read The Catcher in the Rye.

23. Learn the history of cinema by watching a film from every decade of the last 130 years.

24. Get dressed up and attend the opera or ballet.

25. Seek out and write a letter to that one teacher that made an impact.

26. Assemble three generations for a sporting event.

27. Spend a month’s wage on something you really, really want.

28. Attend a music festival with the same population as a small city. i.e Glastonbury.

29. Read a book cover to cover in one sitting.

30. Give a toast as the Best Man.

31. Learn an exotic form of dancing.

32. Do something illegal/dangerous just for the sake of a great photo.

33. Own a dog.

34. Get a tattoo.

35. Go to a gun range.

36. Lint roll your pants while sitting court side at an NBA game.

37. Be an Organ Donor when you pass away.

38. Send a woman a drink from across the bar.



39. Go to a strip club/brothel in a country where you don’t speak or understand the language.

40. Visit the world’s largest aquarium.

41. Swim with whale sharks (at the world’s largest aquarium).

42. Get in the driver’s seat of something you’ll probably never be able to afford (and drive).

43. Fly in a private jet.

44. Ride horses in Iceland.

45. Revisit somewhere you haven’t been since your childhood.

46. Go somewhere with zero Internet access for at least a week, preferably longer.

47. Travel somewhere for leisure all by yourself and explore on your own.

48. Go heli-skiing/boarding in the Canadian Rockies.

49. Live in a country where you don’t speak the language for one year.

50. Experience a “true winter.”

51. Drive far enough that it’s a relief to get out and stretch.

52. Write your name and point of origin in a hostel’s ledger.

53. Join the mile high club.

54. Hitchhike across Europe.

55. See the Northern Lights.

56. Buy a van and live in it for a year.

57. Go on tour with a band (as a musician or roadie).

58. Visit the Sistine Chapel.

59. Spend a month in a small town in a foreign country, preferably by the beach, without Internet access.

60. Dive with sharks in Hawaii.

61. Zip line through the rain forest in Costa Rica.

62. Go on safari in Africa and stay at a 5-star resort.

63. Visit the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and leave a wish.

64. Drive a car 200 mph on the Autobahn.

65. Spend time in a third world country to understand how most of the rest of the planet lives.



66. Eat at a world-class restaurant.

67. Eat something that would have terrified Indiana Jones.

68. Find and eat at a restaurant that Anthony Bourdain considers a classic.

69. Steal a pint glass from a bar.

70. Try what is considered “spicy” to the locals.

71. Come to a decision on New York thin crust or Chicago deep dish.

72. Pick up the check for a complete stranger.

73. Hunt an animal and eat it.

74. Learn to cook at least one dish really well.

75. Eat a Lobster Roll in Maine.

76. Pull a Henry Hill in Goodfellas and go in through the back entrance like a boss.

77. Eat a curry sausage in Berlin.

78. Drink Club Mate.

79. Grow your own produce.



80. Have a psychedelic experience.

81. Go all-in during a game of no limit Texas hold ’em.

82. Play a respectable round of golf.

83. Learn how to play chess well.

84. Rescue an animal.

85. Pick up a hobby you’re terrible at, just because you enjoy it.

86. Steal something.

87. Get outrageously drunk with your parents/grandparents.

88. Learn how to surf.

89. Smoke marijuana on 4/20 aka April 20.

90. Pick up a hobby that is deemed age-inappropriate for you ie. skateboard when you’re old, play chess when you’re young.

91. Party for 24 hours straight.

92. Make a sex tape (try not to leak it).

93. Sneak your way into a VIP area.

94. Make out with a celebrity.

95. Witness two people get engaged.

96. Inhale Helium from a Balloon.

97. Spend a night in jail.

98. Protest something you believe is worth protesting for/against.

99. Unhook a bra with one hand.

100. Have a child.

Illustrations by Katie To

Words by Staff
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