3d Printing

In this latest Gestalten release, Printing Things, we’re offered “an inspirational and understandable exploration of the creative potential of 3D printing.”A new (-ish) technology most of us are still getting our heads round, 3D printing offers a world of possibilities that, importantly, can be developed on a relatively small scale. An accessible form, creative start-ups have taken hold of this seemingly limitless mode of production and pushed it to its limits, from the frivolous to the life-saving. A book for the hands-on and the simply curious, the mind-boggling promise of this magical, futuristic tech is broken down into machines, tools and processes and their application explored across real-life products. “In the near future, if we forget our toothbrush on a trip, we can simply print out a new one in our hotel room.” Sweet. Press play below and find a copy at Gestalten and Amazon.

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