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COS celebrate their US e-commerce launch with “50 Things,” a compilation of their 50 favorite works of American art, architecture, design and more. Taking one subject from each state, COS put together a virtual exhibition of the US, from the White Sands dunes of New Mexico and a beautiful Maine residence to Bec Brittain‘s New York studio. Not all 50 picks have been released yet, so keep your eyes peeled for states that are currently missing.

Although news on COS’ physical arrival to America has been delayed and unconfirmed, those of us here still eagerly await a retail door. Soon, hopefully. In the meantime, you can shop COS online.



New Mexico White Sands (COS)
Illinois Farnsworth House (MG Design UK)
Daniel Everett Designs (Daniel Everett)
Bec Brittain Lights (Bec Brittain)
Doug Johnston Designs (Doug Johnston

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