Where form meets function

Is this the future of cycle commuting? Croatian firm Visiobike think so and given the amount of technology packed into it, the future is exactly what springs to mind when riding one. This revolutionary electronic bike features a full carbon frame to make it ultra light, and uses an intelligent transmission to engage its motor so you’ll never even come close to breaking a sweat – even while maxing out the impressive top speed of 45 km/h! Furthermore, the bike integrates fully with your smartphone, locking and unlocking entirely remotely, synching with Google Maps, and even comes with a tiny camera fixed into the back of the saddle to provide a real-time rear view perspective.

Safety-wise, it’s fitted with high-end disc brakes, automatically engaging lights, plus an internal accelerometer that senses if the bike comes to an incredibly sudden stop and will potentially alert the emergency services. It will even record the last three minutes of footage from the rearview camera to help you piece together what might’ve happened afterwards. In fact, it addresses so many of the issues people often have with cycling, that the only thing we can think might put you off is the price of €3,900 ($5,300).

Still, if you’re committed to getting on two wheels (and that’s something we all should be doing a little more), visit their Indiegogo page to place a pre-order for one of the first models.

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