Where form meets function

Released as part of a 12-part series entitled FRITZ, “Making It in the Art World” features art world professionals explaining the trials and tribulations artists face when trying to “make it” in the art world. Interviews include well-known artists William Powhida, Dan Douke, Paul Outlaw and Jen Catrone, Manon Slome, Anthony Haden-Guest, Nathan Kauffman, Ross Brodar, Lee Kaplan, Carolina Miranda, Lisa Adams, Ken Aptekar, and Richard Polsky. The remainder of the series follows 70-year-old, hard of hearing artist Fritz who struggles to get his life back on track after the passing of his girlfriend and a tumultuous relationship with his brother. Discovered by two young filmmakers, the series explores his work and what goes into “making it” in the art world. You can watch the full series here.

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