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TASCHEN release Ai Weiwei, a comprehensive hardcover monograph of the artist’s work. This is his first-ever monograph of such scale, with over 700 pages of written features and photography. You can find never-before-seen images of Weiwei and his studio during his early days in New York as well as quotes by the Chinese artist from exclusive interviews. The book comes wrapped in a silk scarf patterned with Straight, Weiwei’s steel bar sculpture referencing the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Only 1,000 copies were produced as limited editions, each signed and numbered by the artist and priced at $1,500 — but the true collector’s one is the Art Edition, which includes a marble display stand, altogether valued at a whopping $12,500. If you were remotely interested in getting that, we are sorry to tell you that it’s already sold out, but you can pre-order the regular version here. Available starting June 30.

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