One of the most anticipated shows of the season, MAN sets the tone for what’s happening now, and more importantly, where London will be in the seasons to come. A joint initiative between Topman and Fashion East, upcoming talents receive the nod from a panel made up of the likes of Nicola Formichetti, Charlie Porter and Tim Blanks, and former alumni including  JW AndersonJames Long, Agi & Sam and Christopher Shannon. This year’s chosen ones — Bobby Abley, Liam Hodges and Nicomede Talavera — will all make an appearance on these pages. Up first, Liam Hodges, fan of full-on prints and “cultural overeating.” Get to know him after the jump.


Tell us a little about your preparation for Spring/Summer 2015. When does it all begin and what’s the starting point?

It started before I presented Fall/Winter 2014. The ideas were already there, so straight after LC:M we just threw ourselves into research. It started with the Kibbo Kift youth club in the 1920s and it just spiraled from there.

How would you sum up Spring/Summer 2015?

Survivalist club.

Can you give us an insight into some of the details?

I’ve pulled in some amazing people to work with this season, opening the collection up into hats, knitwear, accessories and so on.

Who did you have in mind when designing the collection? And would you say you generally design for yourself or others?

It’s always about me, my friends. I just like to make up stories around whatever I’m interested in that season, about how we would do certain things, and dress for the occasion. I guess this season is like a stag-do going on an outdoors/paint-balling weekend or something.

Liam Hodges

Is there one piece you’re really excited to unveil?

There are so many layers to it this season, I think it’s more the narrative and [its] development as a whole that I’m most excited about.

Anyone else on the schedule you’re looking forward to checking out?

I’m really excited to see Craig Green’s first solo show. I’ve missed all his others because of my own commitments, but this time the schedule means I’ll be able to head along and enjoy.

Words by Lena Dystant
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