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#coffeenclothes is exactly what it sounds like: people taking pictures of themselves with their favorite blend of coffee and—sometimes—even better clothes. One of the latest trends making its way around all the popular social media platforms, #coffeenclothes is a fresh attempt at bringing like-minded individuals together to share what it is that they enjoy. Founded by Ryan Glick, #coffeenclothes has worked with several brands in the past to collaborate on special features as well as local coffee shops for even more unique collaborations. We teamed up with Ryan Glick for a special edition of #clothesncoffee featuring key influencers within the industry as well as several members of the Highsnobiety team.

1. Masta Lee – Patta
2. Dani Concepcion – PacSun
3. Harry Bee – The 88
4. Alex James – Publish
5. Greg Weinstein – SLAMXHYPE
6. Will Nichols – Highsnobiety
7. Jeff Carvalho – Highsnobiety
8. Sarah Kim – Nike NYC
9. Brandon Edler – Finish Line
10. Jace Lipstein – Grungy Gentleman
11. Josh Madden – Nylon Guys
12. Brian Farmer – Highsnobiety
13. Pete Williams – Highsnobiety

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Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.

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