From the ground up

The New York Times recently ran a feature outlining the rise of the sneaker in the world of fashion, highlighting the popularity of sneakers and the luxe offerings presented by so many labels today, whether they are from high-fashion houses like Maison Martin Margiela or young upstart brands like Buscemi and ETQ.

“The once ungentlemanly sneaker, it seems, has undergone a fashion baptism. The distinction between dress and athletic shoes is on the verge of collapse for fashion-forward men, as the humble gym shoe has outgrown its youth-culture/streetwear origins to become a fashion accessory, as well as a staple on runways, red carpets and in the workplace, where it is no longer considered the height of quirk to wear them with a suit.”

While readers of Highsnobiety will certainly be no strangers to the world of athletic footwear, it’s interesting to see how the stereotypically elitist world of high fashion has become so enamored with sneakers, with many houses including luxurious takes on classic footwear silhouettes as part of their collections and collaborating with major brands like Nike and Converse. Check out the full piece over at

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