With the FIFA World Cup 2014 going on in Brazil, Nike of course also had to get its Nike Skateboarding team involved. Nike SB sent five of its premier European riders — Wieger van Wageningen, Denny Pham, Maxime Geronzi, Dani Lebron and Kyron Davis — to the epicenter of football to visit their Brazilian brethren, Luan Oliveira and Fabio Cristiano. Known for its vast football culture, Brazil has actually also become a mecca for skateboarders over the years and therefore the mash-up of the two sports, that both demand so much foot and body precision, actually totally makes sense. The Nike SB European skate team visited Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. The film is a visual narrative of their journey through the streets of these two unique cities in one of the most vibrant, welcoming and culturally exciting countries on Earth.

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