This past week we rounded up the 10 must-see exhibitions of the summer, we shared trailers for some of the most anticipated videos games from E3, Theophilus London was featured in our ongoing Street Style series, Michael Jordan was declared a billionaire, and we gave you a look at the 10 worst outfits in the history of the NBA draft. Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments from the week, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

#10 commented on: The 10 Must-See Exhibitions of Summer 2014

Scott Kendall: All that scrolling for one nipple…


#09 commented on: Watch the E3 Gameplay Trailer for ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

JD: Real multiplayer sadly will never be like this.


#08 commented on: Street Style: Theophilus London in Dior, New Balance, Antique Jewelry and Assorted Vintage

Guest: this is the most caribbean picture ever taken


#07 commented on: Buyer’s Guide: 20 Timeless Gifts For Father’s Day

anon: So your dads are like 20 or what ?


#06 commented on: Svetlana Cluck by Attilio D’Agostino for ‘Polanski’ Magazine Vol. 3

Aj Rieske: Looks like meth is a fashion now


#05 commented on: Michael Jordan is Now a Billionaire

Sean Haque: Of course he is I’ve bought enough if his sneakers.


#04 commented on: Watch the First Official Trailer for ‘The Interview’ starring Seth Rogen and James Franco

SenseiRydis: Except for the fact that this will start World War 3, it looks decent enough.


#03 commented on: Dioni Tabbers by Rafael Stahelin for ‘Centrefold’ Magazine #9d

Charlamagne 50 Shades of Blaq: wow id climb up the eiffel tower just to nose dive into that nubian white queen ass. then id suck a fart out her butt. probably would taste like french vanilla with a hint of white coffee bean


#02 commented on: Supreme x Anti-Hero Summer 2014 Capsule Collection

J.W. dunne: just to be extra cliché; if I see people with some of this stuff on, without a skateboard or with Jordans on, imma bitch slap them so soft.


#01 commented on: The 10 Worst Outfits in the History of the NBA Draft

Jeff: After draft day they all gave their suits to MJ, and he still rocks ’em.

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