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As you read this, the vast majority of Sweden is planning their juice cleanses after two solid days of drinking schnapps and eating fermented herring, all part of a holiday they like to call Midsummer. “Originally a pagan celebration of crops and fertility, back then Midsummer was thought to be one of the times of the year magic was at its strongest.” To get you more acquainted with the lovely yet slightly strange traditions, Swedish eyewear brand, Monokel, team up with photographer Crista Leonard to present the first of five photo essays on the unique activities of the Scandinavian country. Capturing the Swedes at their favorite time of year, the shots feature Monokel’s latest sunglass models being put to good use.  “Midsummer is one of the days in Sweden when most children are conceived and the day of the year with the highest rates of violent assaults.” Take care kids.

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