This week’s In The Mail is an interesting one. Our friends at the MoMA Store gave us a packaged preview all of the fun things they have ready for this Fall. We got to play with some tiny electronics, get our cables organized and write with grass. See the list below and be sure to check out the MoMA Store online.


Powercube USB by Allocacoc 

With more and more gear coming into the office, we’re developing quite the power cable nightmare under our desks. The Powercube by Allocacoc just might be our savior. With only one socket you can plug in four devices and two USB cables. This is not your typical power strip; each socket on the cube has room to breath so no more wasted outlets (see Canon 5d charger).


DIY Instrument Kit by Technology Will Save Us

We all use technology every minute of the day, but few of us actually know how any of it works. The folks at Technology Will Save Us are trying to change that by enabling all of us to create electronics from scratch through easy DIY kits. Thankfully, this basic circuit instrument came preassembled for us. We’re intrigued. For 10 year-olds and up.


X-Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The world of bluetooth speakers and paraphernalia is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. You can now find full professional level systems down to micro speakers like this X-Mini from Singapore. See above for scale — this thing is a third of the size of the iPhone 5. The speaker face looks like a subwoofer and pumps out some surprisingly loud sonics. Learn more here.


Grass Leaf Pen by MollaSpace

Yes, this pen is shaped like a blade of grass. The rubber writing utensil actually bends and sways as you write as if it’s blowing in the wind. It’s a lot of fun on the desk but maybe not the best choice if you plan on signing any serious documents. See what else MollaSpace has to offer here.

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