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When people amass a collection of records, credit is usually given to the sound each record is responsible for, not the sight. Israeli photographer Eilon Paz has turned this notion on its head when he realized just how visually arresting these collections can be. Turning to people who have some of the largest – and in some cases record-breaking – collections in the world, he shot them alongside their hoards. Joe Bussard from Maryland, USA is captured in front of some of the rarest 78s in existence. The brown paper record jackets have even been uniformly discolored in the middle as a result of Joe’s hands sorting through them over the past 60 years. Over time, Paz traveled further afield, even traveling to Ghana where he shot Philip Osei Kojo from Mampong, who hadn’t listened to his collection for over 30 years. Paz’ new book Dust and Grooves collects all of the photos, find out more about the project here.

  • Source: Slate
  • Photography: Eilon Paz
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