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After presenting at London Collections: Men, we had the opportunity to meet with designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung to discuss their upcoming 3.Paradis Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Upstart fashion label 3.Paradis recently unveiled their upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 collection during London Collections: Men (LC:M). Headed by designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung, 3.Paradis is giving birth to a new definition of style and elegance. The brand’s latest offering is composed of avant-garde, fashion-forward pieces like Japanese kimonos and noragis that have been executed with modern fabrications and cuts. Treating clothing as a second skin, the designers pay great attention to detail and solely use high quality materials. Following their presentation at LC:M, we caught up with the minds behind one of the industry’s most exciting brands.

What are the main themes within this Spring/Summer collection?

For this collection, we took a trip to the Blue Planet and our inspiration from the military wardrobe, the Astronomy and the Japanese culture by reinventing their New-Age luxury kimonos, futurist military pants, space jacket and much more. This season, 3.PARADIS paints the dark path of the future space soldier in conflict with his inner evil counterpart.

What would you say was collection’s greatest source of inspiration?

Our greatest source of inspiration was the planet Earth and its residents, the human being. This collection contains many themes, with strong influences from philosophy and nature.

What about the reasons behind this collection’s color palette?

In this collection, we used a limited color palette. Each color used for this collection has a specific reason and meaning. First, we used some blue, cobalt blue and navy. The blue is representative of the planet Earth itself (the Blue Planet), the sky and is contrasting structured paneled garments with the idea of earths fluid, water coated crust. The white color represents the day, the light, the purity and the good side of humans. The black color represents the night, humanity’s darker side and the evil inside any human being. The grey represents the mix between the evil and the good, a mix inside each and every human being that always leads to an internal fight between the Ying and the Yang, the heart and the mind, the light and the shadows. Finally, we created a grey camouflage print, representing that fight, the conflict, both of self and interpersonal, the war that leads to a better world.

What sets this season apart from past collections and how did you look to bring new ideas to the table?

We took a really special approach this season. We decided to see the world through the eyes of another species, a species that lives far away from Earth in another galaxy. It gave us new perspective and enabled us to find more beauty and more darkness in life than we could ever be able to manage to find while trapped in our own bodies.

We took a trip to the Blue Planet to look at the world and us – its inhabitants – through the optical lenses of an alien species.

Any difficulties with this season?

To see the world through the eyes of another was very difficult, especially through the mind of a different species far from human beings. It required us to open our mind and heart to different things. We had to forget about everything we learnt and temporarily leave our physical bodies to get closer to our spiritual sides. The hardest challenge was to get rid of all our prejudices, preconceived ideas given by society and the misconceptions of our thoughts. It was a really good experience where we learnt even more about our strength, our weaknesses and us.

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