New York City musician, DJ, and producer Luca Venezia finds originality within his culture-colliding New York City habitat. With revolutionary projects such as Curses! and Drop the Lime, the dance music creative clearly knows a thing or two about originality and was recently invited by the Scottish whisky distillery Bruichladdich to see how they too produce authenticity by utilizing their environment. As a whisky enthusiast who enjoys the Bruichladdich Whisky, Venezia eagerly travels to the Isle of Islay in Scotland with director Philippe Grenade to document Bruichladdich’s process in the short film “Terroir Matters.”

Upon arrival, distillery manager Allan Logan shows Venezia from start to finish the process that involves locally grown Islay barley, stills that have been in use since company’s founding in 1881, and barrels that rest on the salty shores of Loch Indall.

Watch the video to see Venezia explore elements of his own personal terroir while experiencing why terroir truly matters in the making of this one of a kind whisky.

The full length version about Luca’s trip can be viewed at

Brought to you in partnership with Bruichladdich .


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