We return with our monthly compilation of favorite photo editorials. June offers a diverse cross section of interests and people spanning periodicals like Lucky Peach, Double, Man of the World, and  Victory Journal, side by side with some of the best in digital-only editorials. Step inside.

Landscape Light Sculptures by Barry Underwood

Artist Barry Underwood takes to Mother Nature’s numerous landscapes  – lakes, woods, and fields – gadgets of illumination and cameras. What comes from this project is a set of fascinating images that capture the intriguing interaction between light and the outdoors. View the images here.

Tom Sachs‘ “Space Program” by Man Of The World 

Filled with features, Man of the World, yet again, lays out an issue speaking to well-cultured gentlemen. A look into Tom Sach’s third space program works, focused on Jupiter’s sixth moon, no exception in the current issue. Take a look inside the magazine here.

“Legacy of Beauty” by Victory Journal Issue 7 

Although Victory Journal is a publication known for its features on sports, with articles on the “Big Men” of basketball and the 1974 World Cup, we found our favorite editorial in issue seven to be “The Legacy of Beauty.”  The spread is an inside look into Pirelli and the history behind the annual Pirelli Calendar. Look inside Victory Journal issue seven here.

“Show & Tell: Eike König” by Printed Pages Summer 2014 Issue

The folks at Printed Pages spoke to German graphic designer Eike König about his most meaningful valuables. Each possession, small or large, provides a great deal of insight into König’s work and though process. We won’t ruin the surprises found inside. Purchase your copy online and view our inside look.


“Lisaaaaa Las Vegas” by Lucky Peach Spring/Summer 2014

An all-you-can-eat buffet-hopping trip to Las Vegas results in the term “Pradarhea” inside the latest issue of Lucky Peach. Best of all, they illustrated the story! See more pages of the issue here.


“The Dashing Camel Herders of Rajasthan” by Jungles in Paris

Jungles in Paris visit the Pushkar Mela, a yearly spiritual and commercial event that takes place in Rajasthan, India during the fall. Once a thriving hub for the camel trade in western India, Pushkar Mela has seen the numbers decline to less than 5,000, down from 30,0000.

“Why Brazilian Models Are More Excited for the World Cup” by Vogue

Brazilian models’ Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Raquel Zimmermann and Isabeli Fontana discuss their love and religious devotion to soccer, or, as they call it, “futebol,” in this editorial from Vogue. Can Brazil get any hotter?


Gisele Bundchen and Neymar for Vogue Brasil

Vogue Brasil feature two stunning Brazilian superstars, model Gisele Bündchen and footbal player Neymar, in this June 2014 print editorial. We’ll take Gisele in swimsuits any day. View the pictorial here.


“Bookstores of New York” by Bob Eckstein for The New Yorker

Bob Eckstein won the hearts of art and literature fans with seven illustrations of New York City bookstore mainstays for The New Yorker. Inscribed with an intriguing tale by shop owners, each illustration is more than an appealing drawing: It presents a legacy. View the pieces here.

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