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Bulgarian artist Simeon Georgiev is back with another series of designs exclusively for Highsnobiety. Following his Nike Robotics exercise, Georgiev sets his sights on the recent works by French fashion house Givenchy. Using the same concept as the last renderings – which involved futuristic, luxurious robots constructed in the same measurements as male models – the stylish robots are clad in some of Riccardo Tisci’s most iconic creations, which naturally include the Italian Creative Director’s recurring Star motif. A simple but powerful color palette characterizes the series, bringing the robots’ texture and clean lines to the foreground while resulting in the clothing’s seamless integration.

Director of Content Strategy

Brock Cardiner is Highsnobiety's Director of Content Strategy. He oversees Highsnobiety's editorial approach across platforms & mediums. Brock splits his time between Berlin, Los Angeles and New York.

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