Where form meets function

Renowned for facetious sculptures and installations that poke fun at popular culture, history and religion, celebrated Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan has partnered with the MoMA Design Store to release his latest piece of work. This suitably shocking snow globe shakes up the status quo by enshrining one of Cattelan’s controversial public works in a protective bubble. The original sculpture—officially titled L.O.V.E., an acronym of libertá (freedom), odio (hate), vendetta (revenge), and eternitá (eternity) but popularly known as “The Middle Finger”—was beautifully sculpted out of solid Carrara marble and displayed a stone’s throw from Borsa di commercio di Milano (Milan Stock Exchange). Made of resin, glass, glitter and water, the “L.O.V.E.” snow globe will be available at MoMA Design Store beginning July 7 for $45 USD.

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