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Located in Beirut, Lebanon, N.B.K. Residence 2 by Bernard Khoury comprises three levels, the reference level being the landing floor throughout which the vital functions take place — the reception space, the dining room, the master bedroom, as well as the kitchen. The mezzanine level accommodates two additional bedrooms, as well the continuation of the floor-to-ceiling library accessible by a steel grating bridge. The uppermost level houses the pool terrace, as well as a guest studio and staff quarters. The wood panel cladding of the reception space is defined by a layout that starts at the floor, folding onto the walls and ceiling, and extending throughout the rest of the rooms. Lastly, the outdoor pool terrace at the roof level is crowned by two antennae containing the area’s light fixtures. Southwardly oriented, these probe-like pivoting projections exceed the height average of their adjacent buildings, making them visible from surrounding neighborhoods.

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