Behind a jubilant grin and a pair of black rimmed glasses sits German typogapher, Erik Spiekermann. Gestalten sat down with the master of type to explores the relationship between the physical and digital world of print. We learn a great deal about this renowned individual’s mind and work in letterpress through the film.

Spiekermann loves the constraints on typography and especially those of letterpress. Compared to the digital era where most designers are accustomed to fixing mistakes with the click of a button, in letterpress, there is no crop tool, no dropper, and, most certainly, no clone stamp. One cannot simply change a design because, in Spiekermann’s mind,  “whatever you do is very permanent.” But the entire process is what this typographer loves. With countless projects and over 50 years of experience under his belt, this designer seems unstoppable. Spiekermann’s new book, Hello, I am Erik, arrives in August from Gestalten.

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