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Drawing on their passion and love for global art, craft and those who immerse themselves in it, Jameson curated a two-day program through the German capital. Beginning with a blending lab, Master Blender Billy Leighton walked us through what makes a successful whiskey blend step by step, before handing over the reins and letting us make our own blend under his guidance. After haphazardly throwing together a few blends and learning quickly (via near spit-takes) from our mistakes, we finally opted for a smooth and balanced mixture consisting of Irish grain bourbon whiskey, Irish pot still bourbon whiskey and Irish pot still sherry whiskey.

Once our senses were properly immersed, cocktail wizard Oisin Davis showed us the secrets to creating tasteful cocktails without the use of excess sugars. If he hadn’t told us each drink was crafted without the use of artificial sweeteners, we would have brainlessly assumed each mixture featured at least a smidgeon of juice or soda. That knowledge, however, made the feat all the more impressive. Continuing the evening, paleo restaurant Sauvage – the first of its kind in the world – served up an unmatched, Jameson-infused five-course meal. With tastes and ingredients spanning the spectrum, the bold combination of flavors left no taste bud untouched.

The following day, Jameson’s small-brand mentality focused in on the city’s creative side with a visit to artist Joseph Loughborough. Showing us his take on Berlin, Loughborough applied his unique aesthetic to before explaining the work’s meaning.

While all four activities may seem disconnected on paper, each expert’s dedication to his craft illustrated the same dedication Jameson has to its whisky – the same dedication it’s had since it was first introduced in 1780.

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