This week, the mail brought us an assortment of paper goods, grooming items, and a discrete smoking device. Other than all fitting neatly into a tote bag, there’s not much of a story here, but not to worry, they’re nonetheless interesting enough to show off. Take a look below.


Aesop Lip Balm with Sunscreen

If you’re going splurge for nice grooming products, don’t just do it anywhere. You better head to Aesop. We got a hold of their Avail Lip Balm — the packaging alone makes us feel like we’re holding something special. The pocket-friendly balm comes packed with SPF 30 and will be in heavy rotation this summer. Pick on up here.


G Pro Vaporizer by Grenco

Although this isn’t the best thing to test out in the office, we’re excited. Grenco (read: G Pen), sent over their new G Pro Vaporizer that we must say is as sleek as nobody’s business. Learn more and shop it here.


Doane Paper

Graph and lined paper! We know this might be overwhelming, but yes, this does exist. Forget leather-bound or personalized journals, this notepad by Doane Paper is our favorite because of its sheer versatility. Sketch, take notes, or hell, draw up a blue print on these guys. Pick up a three-pack here.


The CIFF Gazette 

A good book or publication has to be on of our favorite things to unpack and break out. This week, we’re graced with the latest issue of The CIFF Gazette, an oversized publication put out by the seasonal Copenhagen Fashion Fair (see their Fall/Winter 2014 show here). The fourth edition takes a look at the film industry, from actor to agent to filmmaker. Read it online here.


Marimekko Tote 

And to carry all of this, a tote from the Finnish design company Marimekko. Although we would expect a oversized floral print, we’re pleasantly surprised to find this hand-drawn geometric print. With as many brand totes we come across, we love this one because their name isn’t splashed across the front like a walking advertisement. Check out Marimekko online here.

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