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You might not be familiar with the name Steve Rendle but chances are you’ll know some of his work. As the senior vice president of VF Outdoor Corporation – parent company to Vans, Timberland, The North Face, Eastpak and several other major brands – he’s helped build some of the world’s biggest names in active clothing and apparel, and now all that hard work has been rewarded with a unique thank-you present. Enlisting the help of designer Michael Pfaltzgraff, the San Francisco-based Rapt Studio were commissioned to create a special, one-of-a-kind fixed gear bike for Rendle featuring various landmarks from his professional career. The result is nothing short of exceptional.

To begin with, Rapt took the brushed sections of the chro-moly frame and overlaid them with both topographical map patterns and the GPS coordinates of the five brands Rendle has been directly involved with during his career at VF. The seat post then features five marked notches to reflect his rising title within the company, along with the years he was promoted. Finishing things off, the handlebars are made from a cylindrical length of polished walnut, reinforced with a metal core, while the saddle is premium stained leather. All-in-all, an incredible way to show thanks for those many years of hard work and dedication.

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