More good things from Crane TV as they go inside one of London’s most popular noodle bars, KOYA. Speaking to head chef Shuko Oda, we get a look inside the relatively new addition to the Koya family, Koya Bar, sitting right next to the original on Soho’s Frith Street. Having grown up across the globe, Oda has always been drawn back to Japanese cuisine and specifically Udon, popular from the late ’90s and refined by the people of the Sanuki region. Described as “light, but profoundly deep” the Sanuki method aims to keep the Udon as pure and uncomplicated as possible.  Koya and Koya Bar stick to that principle of simplicity in both cooking and the design of their restaurants, adding a few unique touches to the menu to keep things simple. If you do manage to get a seat, try out the Japanese take on an English fry-up, a dish the restaurant has become famous for. Also, best staff uniforms we’ve ever seen. For real. Press play.

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