Where form meets function

Anyone who says toys are just for kids should take a look at the work of Slovakian designer Peter Jakubik. Taking one of the oldest playthings around – the traditional wooden rocking horse – he’s created something with a far more adult kind of recreation in mind. Instead of an actual horse, Jakubik’s design features a girl on all fours kitted out in the trappings of BDSM horseplay, allowing users to indulge their kinkier side without having to rope in a partner. Each “horse” comes flat-packed as a DIY kit you can assemble at home and features fully hand-painted graphics on both sides. What’s more, there are seven different girls to choose from, so you can either find your perfectly dressed partner or buy the whole lot and have a different ride for every day of the week. For more info, check out the designer’s official website.

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