Rain, rain, go away. Summer equates to bright skies and hot days on the beach, most certainly not to gloominess and indoor activities. However, we all know that this unwanted rain is inevitable, especially with forecasts of heavy precipitation this year. To help you brave the inexorable downpour that is summer showers, we compiled a list of a dozen wet weather essentials applicable for, well, the summer. From a heavy-duty fabric wax to a nylon briefcase, these necessities will have you prepared for whatever form of precipitation Mother Nature is to hurl at your city.

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Swims City Duck Black Galosh

No one said battling summer rain would be easy. Waterproof low-top sneakers? A desired, but rather unheard of, footwear option. However, Swims has a solution: the Duck Black Galosh, an accessory that allows you to wear your favorite sneaker or hard-bottoms in the rain. Serving as a protective covering, this rubber overshoe will keep both your feet and shoes dry. ($67)


Stutterheim Spring/Summer 2014 Arholma Vit Raincoat

The white Arholma Vit jacket by Stutterheim, inspired by traditional raincoats donned by Swedish fisherman, boasts a rubberized cotton body with hand-stitched seams. Having a style and construction that has withstood the test of time, this outerwear piece will withstand any storm you are to encounter. ($735)


Felisi Nylon Briefcase

Everyone knows that leather and rain are far from a perfect pairing. With that in mind, to combat precipitation issues white collar workers face in their commutes, the folks at Felisi design a nylon briefcase that will keep laptops, confidential documents and various other working essentials unharmed. ($1,025)


Carhartt Surrey Hat

Whether the interpretation of wet weather falls under precipitation or water adventures, this water-proof, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fabric hat is guaranteed to keep your hair, face and neck dry. Even if high-winds begin to unleash their wrath and turn your umbrella inside-out, the adjustable chin strap ensures that you and your headwear will never be separate. ($30)


L.L. Bean for Beams Plus Duck Boots 

To round out our wet weather buyer’s guide is a trans-continental collaboration between Japanese retailer Beams Plus and American label L.L. Bean. A workwear-approved boot, the standard duck boot is revamped to feature a colorful upper reminiscent of rubber rain boots. Exclusive to the Beams Japan online shop for $234, some classic all-brown American alternatives are available here.


Onia Ocean Gingham Calder Trunk

Wearing swim trunks outside of the beach or pool is no longer a fashion faux pas, as long as you are robed in these Onia Ocean Gingham trunks. If your daily tasks bear some association to water, be it rain or the ocean, these 7.5-inch Calder shorts have got you covered. ($145)


Otter Wax Heavy-Duty Fabric Wax

Although this heavy-duty fabric wax is a product suitable for all seasons, it can be especially helpful for summer showers. Made from environmentally friendly ingredients and utilized as a water-resistant coating, this bar will come in handy when wearing jeans or canvas sneakers this summer. Never walk around in wet clothes again. ($13)


Isaora #STAYDRYBETTER Tech 3L Sportcoat

“Water resistance & breathability,” “two waterproof zipped exterior chest pockets” and “100% 3L micro-backed technical nylon from Japan” are some of the reasons why this sport coat earned a spot on our list. This complex construction of high-quality Japanese nylon reminds us to #STAYDRYBETTER. ($385)


Maharishi and London Undercover Umbrella

No wet weather essentials list would be complete without an umbrella. Rather than repurchasing a cheap umbrella from your local bodega store, invest in this premium one from Maharishi and London Undercover. Employing natural birch and bamboo materials for the shaft and handle, this umbrella will guarantee more than a couple of uses. ($291)


Fairends Nylon Hats

While most would panic at the thought of rain on a bad hair day, hat experts Fairends was unbothered. This 100% ripstop nylon cap will weather whatever storm, while keeping your mop protected from public viewing. ($48)


N. Hoolywood For Chaco Z1/X Sandals

If you are appalled at the idea of wearing boots during the warmer months, do not fret as N.Hoolywood‘s collaborative sandal is your solution. This features a Vibram sole for increased traction on wet pavement, and an intricate, open-toed, strapping mechanism for breathability. ($158)


Bellroy Elements Wallet

A problem many of us come across too often is the battle our wallets face during a storm. Many a times, either raindrops splash onto the leather exterior or, even worse, the wallet falls into a puddle. Bellroy‘s water-resistant leather has been laced onto their zip-wallet to solve such problems. ($140)


Editor: Elaine YJ Lee

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