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Daimler has officially introduced the 2016 Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour. The Fortwo has undergone improvements in virtually all areas and is noticeably more comfortable. The hallmark Smart rear engine concept is being offered for the first time in the four-seater Forfour as well. Drive power is supplied by three-cylinder engines rated at 60 hp, 71 hp and 90 hp, while power transmission is performed by a five-speed manual transmission or the twinamic automatic dual clutch transmission. A new front axle design adopting elements of the previous Mercedes-Benz C-Class, an optimized De Dion rear axle, substantially increased spring travel all round, tires with higher side walls, and an unprecedentedly small turning circle are the highlights of the new chassis. The new smart generation will be launched onto the market in Europe in November. The price for the Smart Fortwo will correspond to that of the current smart series, while the Smart Forfour will cost only around $800 USD more with the same engine.

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