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Do you recall playing with Hot Wheels as a kid hoping that one day you would be driving an actual racer? Well, at the end of this month, that childhood dream can be fulfilled. World champions John Surtees and Jackie Stewart, with the help of Silverstone Auctions, are placing the single-seater Lotus 18 and 1960 Macros GT Xylon on the auction block. Driven by several generations of successful competitors and “offered in barn find condition,” both cars require quite a bit of restoration if they are to be placed back on the track.

Embodying history, tradition and, most importantly, victory, these four-wheelers can cost a pretty penny — the value of Stewart’s blue racer is estimated to be between approximately $60,000 and $85,000, while that of Surtees’ is estimated between $111,000 and $128,000. To become part of a rich legacy, you can purchase one or both of these motor vehicles at the annual Silverstone Classic race meet in Northamptonshire, England, taking place on July 25 to 27. Find ticketing and visiting info on the meet here.

  • Source: The Telegraph
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