If the idea of someone waxing lyrical about bread & butter isn’t your thing, look away now.  Dan Richer, head chef and founder of New Jersey’s Razza Pizza Artigianale, prides himself on, not only the best pizzas in town, but quite possibly the best bread and butter in the world. The thing that arrives on your table while you mull over the menu, Richer has perfected this simple combination in order to make patrons sit up and take notice. They have. The pre-show has become as much a draw as the main event. These guys make not only their own bread on-site, but create their very own distinct cultured butter with a “cheese like tang” made from organic cream from a dairy farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania. “You can taste what the cow have been eating in our butter, it’s ridiculous.” Coupled with wood fired naturally leavened bread, both served as the perfect temperature – warm bread with room temp butter – and you’ve got something really special. We’re hungry.

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