The lyrics “summertime, and the livin’ is easy,” are most probably referring to summer fashion – the simplicity of throwing on a t-shirt and shorts. However, this, rather simple, task can, in actuality, be quite difficult. With printed garments heavy resurgence the past few years, there are a number of shorts to choose from. To make the hunt for stylish options painless, we compiled our comprehensive list of patterned shorts featuring embroidered Asian florals to savage desert vultures, for the gents.

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MA.STRUM Military Cargo Shorts

While camouflage cargo shorts are known for their rather unflattering, baggy and elongated, fit, this pair of military cargo shorts receive a pleasant slimmed makeover. Alongside an improved cut and unique dazzle camo pattern, MA.STRUM swap the typical hip pockets with over-sized ones. ($150)


Liberty London for Boast USA Floral Shorts

In a market filled with florals, it is challenging to find an uncluttered yet stylish flower-patterned garment. With the help of Liberty fabrics, Boast offer their take on. We suggest to pair this ’80s inspired athletic short with basics. ($288)


Neighborhood SVG Vulture Shorts

The folks at Neighborhood mix things up by emblazoning beige chinos with an all-over vulture graphic. Whether or not it was the designer’s humorous intention, the desert landscape matches the ungodly outdoor temperatures, depending where you are from of course. ($221)


3.1 Phillip Lim New Wave Embroidered Athletic Shorts

3.1 Phillip Lim combine function with fashion with their new floral and geometric patterned shorts. What separates this high-quality athletic offering from its flora equivalents is the embroidered design. Though an uncommon element, we hope to see more brands embellish trousers with intricate needlepoint. ($297)


Ben Sherman Kite-Printed Tailored Shorts

The designers at Ben Sherman struck a nostalgic cord with their use of kites. A combination of mini kites and washed blue shorts reminds us of simpler times when our biggest worry was hoping for a nice breeze to roll by.  ($66)


A.P.C. Army Shorts

Although hard to detect at first glance due to its tonal color, these A.P.C. shorts feature a raindrop camouflage print, in olive color, utilizing standard belt loops and slit pockets, while incorporating Italian cotton gabardine fabric. A classic A.P.C. garment that’s innovative wear for everyday. ($205)


Band of Outsiders Chambray and Patchwork Short

When searching for a garment that steps beyond the boundaries of ordinary fashion, look to Band of Outsiders as the label that is guaranteed to craft an article that pushes those limits tenfold. Carefree and fun-loving – much like the theme of their Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook –  these shorts interlock colorful plaid blocks with patched chambray. ($113)


Post Overalls Vintage Calico Post Baker Short 2

While military inspired garments are expected to fare well in the functionality department, they have, more recently,  also done nicely in the aesthetic sector. These indigo-dyed “snow” print knickers from Post Overalls are no exception. ($172)


Paul Smith Red Ear

Bleaching can accidentally be spilled or mistreated to colored garments. Though most would consider those articles of clothing ruined, Paul Smith saw it in a very different way. The red chino pleated shorts were sprayed with bleach to emulate a tie-dye pattern. Try the bleaching process yourself or simply buy into this pair. ($179)


Garbstore Microfloral BMX Shorts

Garbstore matches BMX shorts highlight with a warm and subtle all-over subtle print. Who would have imaged that performance biker shorts could look this good?  ($86)


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