Where form meets function

Just days after we brought you news of Jaguar’s video game-inspired HUD concept for track racing, a similarly space-age product appears on the horizon for motorcyclists – and this one looks like it might actually get made. San Francisco tech startup Skully have created an all-in-one crash helmet, GPS system, smartphone, music player and rearview mirror which, thanks to the Synapset integrated visor display and voice-activated controls, elevates your riding experience to something straight out of science fiction.

Everything from onscreen weather reports to live maps and even a rearview camera can be projected right in front of your eyes, while integrated music, phone calls and directions (all via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone) can be accessed using voice commands, meaning you can keep both hands on the bike at all times. While the helmet itself hasn’t hit production yet, fill out this form and you can apply to be part of the beta-testing group and help bring it to the market soon.

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