Los Angeles-based producer, sound engineer, and mixer Rafa Sardina is the next highlight on our impressive list of creative individuals from the Spotify and Sennheiser Momentum project. With 12 Grammy awards and 35 nominations, it is evident that Sardina knows a thing or two about sound. Out of three fortes, Sardina tells us that his work as a mixer is where energy in a new song or composition begins; the final mixdown of that works to bring momentum to to a track before it hits mainstream radio and the Internet.

And this is why demanding artists from Dr. Dre to Lady Gaga turn to Sardina: his ability to create harmonized masterpieces that fit and, many times, go beyond the artists’ needs while sounding appealing to a listener’s ear is what brings momentum to music. Visit Sennheiser to see more on Rafa Sardina and other creative people.

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