There is no better way to appreciate warm weather than by getting out of bed and being active. Rather than slaving behind your computer monitor all day and night, take a hike, go camping, or jog to the neighboring town. To help with all of the physical activity you should be doing, we amassed a list of the best activewear to buy now and wear now. Don’t worry if you are not the active type — many of these essentials are acceptable to wear indoors. But we highly recommend outdoor usage.

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Outlier Grid Linen Towel 

Something we all hate, but must cope with, is sweating while exercising. To shield our eyes from unwanted perspiration, we tend to wipe our foreheads with our sleeves or even hands. To limit unsanitary actions, Outlier released a set of linen sport towels in four sizes and six colors. We recommend purchasing the small version for easy back pocket storage. ($30-40)


Search and State S2-R Performance Jersey 

The handmade S2-R Jersey from Search and State is the ideal companion if you want to reach the peak of your prospected performance. With its lightweight, breathable, full-stretch, and moisture-wicking fabric, the S2-R fits tight onto the body and allows maximum flexibility. It’s also made in the USA. ($195)


Nike White Label Bonded Pocket T-Shirt

What can you and futbol stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney have in common? The Nike White Label Bonded Pocket Tee. A high-end offering that is identical in performance to the gear worn during on-field competition. ($65)


Icebreaker Anatomica Short Sleeve Crewe

When engaging in intense physical activity such as hiking or snowboarding, it is always optimal to wear high quality fabrics. Icebreaker, one of the leaders in the athletic wear industry, manufacture this soft, luxurious short sleeve shirt that works perfectly on its own or for layering. Constructed from a merino wool and lycra blend, this top is lightweight, odor-resistant and breathable. A triple threat. ($65)


Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Mesh Tanktop and Shorts

It’s time to stow away those high school gym shorts and tattered t-shirts you have been running in. Tracksmith release these matching mesh jersey and shorts in blue, green and red, merging a collegiate aesthetic with traditional silhouettes. These will have you looking like an all-American athlete. ($60-65)


ICNY Sport 3/4 Ankle 3M Reflective Sock

Being an active cyclist or runner during the late night hours can be quite dangerous. After a life-threatening bike accident, founder of ICNY Sport, Michael Cherman, decided to incorporate 3M reflective tape onto garments in order to increase visibility. These 3/4 socks, when paired with cuffed pants or shorts, will emulate a strobe light effect that alerts drivers and passers-by of your presence. ($23)


Isaora #TRAINBETTER Bonded Sweatpant 

Although sweatpants are commonly sported on the weekends, while flipping through television channels or surfing the web, the bottoms are a great activewear alternative to tights. These sweatpants from Isaora are assembled from a premium bonded polyester knit creating a lightweight neoprene feel. ($125)


H&M Running Jacket 

Part of their expansive performance sportswear line, the running jacket is an outerwear piece crafted for the brisk early morning runners. The tight fit is aerodynamic as it accounts for the hindrance most baggy sweatshirts provide against running winds. To combat the negative aspects of a snug fit, H&M included fast-drying breathability to the fabric and ventilation holes underneath the sleeves. ($30)


Rhone Bullitt Shorts

Whether you’re firing up the grill or warming up for the treadmill, the Bullitt short from Rhone will keep you looking and feeling cool with its lightweight moisture-wicking fabric. A flat-lock seam and ribbed waist will also provide you supreme comfort and a chafe-free performance. ($55)


Patagonia Lightweight Arm Warmers 

Imagine yourself on a late night run through the woods. At this particular (imaginary) moment, these lightweight arm warmers are your best friend. The variable-knit spandex will not only shield you from unwelcome bugs, but it will also keep you warm during the late night hours. ($29)

Words by Staff
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