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Continuing Festival Week, we present an illustrated series featuring the 10 people you’re sure to meet at your next musical getaway.

As the summer season continues unabated, it’s time to take an exaggerated look at this year’s festival attendees illustrated exclusively for Highsnobiety by Josh Parkin. First up is the stuck-in-a-timewarp rocker dad in his throwback heyday outfit which at the moment happens to be on-trend. Next up we see the obligatory mud maven covered head to toe in dirty, (most likely toxic) earth caused by the torrential rainfall that plagues nearly every UK festival. Moving on we come across the delicate emo characterized by his monochromatic outfit and equally monochromatic hair.

Walking along the outskirts of the festival grounds, we see the muscly bro whose toned upper body and tribal tattoos are sure to attract your girl. Normally only still found in the depths of the Topanga Valley, the festival hippie used to tour as a roadie with that band your favorite band mentioned as an inspiration in an interview once. While he’s passed his prime, the ubiquitous bearded hipster is sure to be found loitering around the most obscure stage from morning ’til night.

Covered in a confusing array of colors and streamers, the sorta-hot goth raver girl would totally be into you if you knew about that band from Japan that “just gets her.” Perhaps the most recognizable of the bunch to the Highsnob audience, the fuccboi is really only at the festival to show off his latest cops, even if that means wrapping his Red Octobers in plastic bags. Now that he’s made it in the world, the sleezy financial exec can escape his coke-infused meetings with coke-infused headbanging to music that he describes as “vaguely familiar.” Last up is how most of us will look on our way out with all our goods, souvenirs and memories.

While we realize the irony of reducing hundreds of thousands of personalities to 10 stereotypes, each illustration offers a tongue-in-cheek approach to the strange, bizarre and mad world of music festivals.

Enjoy our latest Festival Week piece above, check out yesterday’s Festival Buyer’s Guide here and see more here.

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