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A new Kickstarter project by UK-based entrepreneurs The Pop-Up Pinhole Company has just reached its funding target. VIDDY is a screen-printed cardboard pinhole camera that ships fully flat-packed and can be built, by hand, in under 30 minutes using only split pins and a tiny amount of glue. The finished product is an attractive, fully-functioning analogue camera suitable for both 35mm and medium format film that takes attractive, retro-tinged photos without the complexity of a conventional camera. By simply opening the pinhole for a certain length of time, light enters the box and exposes the film before the pinhole is then closed. An accompanying smartphone app is on hand to provide guidelines on how long to shoot for, creating a uniquely hands-on experience that gets right to the heart of photography in its simplest and most essential form.

A projected ship date for the camera has been set for November and there’s still plenty of time remaining before the Kickstarter deadline is reached. If you’d like to order one yourself, click here. Meanwhile, check out a video of some early test subjects building their first camera below.

Words by AJ Gwilliam
Features Editor

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