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Chances are, when you order a drink, your thoughts are on the stories it will lead to, not the ones that brought it here. But BACARDÍ would like to refocus your gaze and point it back towards history – specifically to the mid-1800s and the remarkable story of young Emilio Bacardí – and that’s exactly what they’ve done in a brand new graphic novel, produced by legends of the comic book industry Mike Allred and Warren Ellis.

Over 20 pages, the graphic novel (which features real BACARDÍ Gold rum mixed into the ink) chronicles Emilio’s struggle for a free Cuba. During his dramatic life Emilio was both exiled and imprisoned, but eventually triumphed as both the first democratically elected mayor of Santiago de Cuba and the head of his family’s legendary distillery.

Seen here is one chapter of that tale, as part of a narrative chain that connects the whole book together across several digital media outlets. In it, we see how Emilio’s humanitarian work as mayor of Santiago de Cuba helped build new schools for the city at a time when it desperately needed them.

To read the next chapter, click here. Meanwhile, you can watch a video about the book’s production underneath or download a full digital version via BACARDÍ’s official website.

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